sabato 26 marzo 2011

Linux: Wine, joystick hatswitch and IL-2 Sturmovik

If you’ve been trying to get your hat switch (POV) to work under wine, you’ve probably lost most of your hair (partly by pulling them and partly by growing old while waiting for a patch for Bug #12220).
I’ve found a solution. It’s called rejoystick and it does wonders.
So, install by either using the .deb, the .rpm or by compiling (it’ll complain when you don’t meet the dependencies of ./configure).
To configure it, run “$rejoystick” on a shell and check which of the events are your hat switch, and promptly assign them a key. Now, here’s the tricky part: the program will halt if any other axis or button is unassigned. So pick one key in your keyboard you hardly use, and assign every other event to this single key.
To run it, type on a shell “$rejoystick -d” and to terminate it, “$killall -9 rejoystick”
So, you can create a script containing:
rejoystick -d
wine “/path-to-your/IL-2 Sturmovik 1946/il2fb.exe”
killall -9 rejoystick
Ta-daa! Fully working joystick under IL-2, under wine, under linux, with a key capture-binding layer.
Ah, computing is fantastic…
So, that’s another linux annoyance fixed. I’ve still have to find a good lyrics plugin for my audacious (I’ve translated from chinese and compiled one, but still doesn’t convince me. If you want it, contact me) and get .gifs to animate under Eye of Gnome. You lazy developers, have to do everything by myself.

Later I'll be posting some renders I've prepared.

4 commenti:

  1. It is, but you're running a windows game under linux ;)

  2. What about performance? Could you run them on a decent fps?

  3. A lot of work? Half of the things you do on Linux cost more work. I'm a Gentoo user.