martedì 12 luglio 2011

Hackintosh on netbook Acer Aspire One D250

So, long time no posts.
Here's to re-starting my blogging habits. Been away for personal and family reasons.

On to the post!
Want to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on your AOD250? Everything from the webcam to the wifi to the hardware accelerated graphics work! here's how.
--Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only and you MUST* own an OSX DVD from Apple--
*Only for legal reasons, not in this tutorial.

You'll need:
- iATKOS S3 v2 DVD (google "iATKOS S3 version2 torrent")
- OSX 10.6.5 combo update. Download it here.
- Kext Helper b7. Download it here.
- An Acer AOD250 (duh!)
- Patience
- Favourite snacks and soda
- 4 hours time

If you have an USB external DVD drive, I'll assume you'll use it for simplicity's sake. Otherwise, armed with an 8GB pen drive, follow this instructions.

1) Make sure, in your BIOS, you are using AHCI SATA mode and your first boot device is the USB device with your iATKOS installation.
2) Boot from the iATKOS DVD and leave it until it gets to the installation welcome screen. Go eat snacks.
3) Go to Utility and "Disk Utility" and format your harddrive (or partition) using Mac OSX (Journaled)
4) Close the Disk Utility and follow the installer until you reach where you have to select the partition to install OSX.
5) Select "Customize" (the button on the left)
6) From this screen, select the following packages, and ONLY THE FOLLOWING PACKAGES:

+Asere BLN v1.1.9

Bootloader options
+32-bit boot
+Legacy boot logo
+Graphics enabler

+Extra / directory
+Fake SMC


Modified Kernels
+Atom Kernel

Main Hardware
+AHCI Sata
+Jmicron ATA (even if you don't have this hardware, it avoids a very long waiting loop on startup. Trust me)

+Voodoo HDA

+Voodoo PS/2

CPU Power Management
+Voodoo P-state
+Voodoo Power

Laptop hardware
+Card reader
+TSC Sync
+ACPI Thermal (32bit)

+MacFuse Core

+EFI String
+Natit /32-bit)

GMA 950
+GMA 950 27AE


7) Start the install. Go sleep, eat, take a shower, party and come back in an hour.
8) When it's done installing, it'll reboot automatically. It'll take a very long time and the flying-thru-space welcome video won't show. Only sound will come on a light-blue screen while it loads. Just wait patiently until you are prompted to recognise the keyboard.
9) Follow the instructions to select the keyboard type and language, configure your user account and picture (you'll see that your webcam is working already) and when you're prompted to configure WiFi, just skip it. Your WiFi isn't working just yet.

If you did everything as the steps above, congrats! You should be looking at your desktop. We now need to update the OS to 10.6.5 (10.6.8 should also work, but I haven't tried it. .5 is good enough)

10) First let's backup our working video and USB drivers.Copy all the files in the list below to a safe location on the netbook's hard drive, from /System/Library/Extensions/

11) Start the 10.6.5 combo update and leave it until it's done. Restart as prompted.
12) When restarting, some people suggest you start using the -f flag to avoid the error screen. It doesn't matter, really. You'll most probably get -besides a very slow boot- an error message telling you to turn off your computer. Do so.
13) Start your computer again and after the very slow boot, you'll be back in OSX with crappy graphics and no USB ports working.... but your WiFi is working!
14) Using kext helper b7, install back all the drivers you backed up. Open kext helper and drag all 4 kexts to the white box on kexthelper, type in your password and select easy install. Wait.
15) You may have to force-quit kexthelper to exit the application. Select the top-left apple and "Force quit" and select the kexthelper to do so.
16) Reboot and wait. Quite a while actually. This will be a very, very slow boot.
17) Back on OSX, reboot one last time without doing anything and just to check the actual, real booting speed. Should be around a minute with 1GB of RAM.
18) DONE! In under 20 steps, even!

Everything (i mean, EVERYTHING) should work perfectly for the exception of  the LAN port. I haven't even given time towards this nuisance since I've evolved past UTP cables. I'm pretty sure the drivers (kexts) are out there, just look them up. *UPDATE* Here are the LAN drivers (L1C).

Enjoy your MacBook nano!
(obligatory crappy pic)